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East Side Elders Welcomes New Executive Director

East Side Elders is pleased to welcome NancyLee Dahlin as our new Executive Director.

NancyLee has worked in the area of aging for over 20 years.  She has a strong background in business administration and project management.  Her quest in life is to find ideas to solve problems and make change happen. She has a strong passion for giving the elderly a voice in order to break the cycle of isolation and ensure that all can live a vibrant life.  She believes in team building which includes those we serve.  Being a caregiver, she knows and understands the need to help families find solutions.  Above all, she enjoys having a great time and hearing the wisdom, history and stories of this great generation.

NancyLee looks forward to getting to know and becoming involved with the East Side Elders community. Watch this space for news of our upcoming events. 

East Side elders is a non-profit community-based service organization which operates with the financial support of our community, private and public agencies and foundations, local churches, neighbors and friends. We collaborate with community members and organizations to create and maintain resources to help seniors overcome barriers to remain living in their homes.